Whilst there is little doubt that polygraph is a reliable and accurate Detection Of Deception (DOD) technique, it does suffer from numerous disadvantages outside of the laboratory environment.
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Ensure you use only registered examiners who have the proper training and use regestered software (DVSA/FVAS version 4 software is illegal in South Africa)

To all qualified Examiners, if you were issued with the DVSA/ FVAS version 4 software contact us to find out how you can upgrade your software to the new Expertosvsa version 5 software.

South Africa has no official standard for VSA Analyzers and the rest of the world does not accept SA qualifications if not on International standard and registered with an International Association.

Due to this loophole there are Instructors presenting their own version of VSA courses with sub-standard or pirate software claiming false accreditations and therefore not recognized by the International community.

Welcor TVC withdrew from SAPAVSA (South African Polygraph and Voice Stress Association)


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