How to become an Examiner?

Word of Warning


Ensure you use only registered examiners that have the proper training and use legal software (DVSA version 4 software is illegal in South Africa)

VSA course: For Pre-employment Screening, Criminal Investigation, General investigative purposes & All other screening processes.

2018 Course Dates

* 12 - 17 March
* 9 - 14 April
* 21 - 26 May
* 11- 16 June
* 23 - 28 July
* 13 - 18 August
* 10 - 15 September
* 15 - 20 October
* 12 - 17 November

ADVANCE Voice Stress Examiner course

Dates same as basic cours but add
- 4 days in the next week. (Mon - Thrs)

You could also do basic one month and come back later for the extra 4 days.

Course venue at our newly upgrade training center in Welkom.


DOD (Detection of Deception) Course: For Senior Investigators

Included: Profiling, Kenesics, SCAN, Micro-expressions.

  • 27 - 31 March
  • 5 - 9 June
  • 4 - 8 Sept

All advance courses held in Welkom.


Forensic Recruitment Course:

  • 6 - 8 Feb
  • 8 - 10 May
  • 4 - 6 Sept
  • 28 - 30 Nov


Advanced Polygraph & VSA Course: (Poly-Stress: Combination of Polygraph and VSA)

  • 24 Oct - 4 Nov 2016
  • 29 May - 9 Nune 2017
  • 4 Sept - 15 Sept 2017


SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis)



CLICK HERE for a printer friendly version of the dates and costs.



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Ensure you use only registered examiners who have the proper training and use registered software (DVSA/FVAS version 4 software is illegal in South Africa)

To all qualified Examiners, if you were issued with the DVSA/FVAS version 4 software contact us to find out how you can upgrade your software to the new Expertosvsa version 6 software.

South Africa has no official standard for VSA Analyzers and the rest of the world does not accept SA qualifications if not on International standard and registered with an International Association.

Due to this loophole there are Instructors presenting their own version of VSA & Polygraph courses with sub-standard or old software claiming false accreditations and therefore not recognized by the International community.


Get a quote for training and ask the Instructor to send you copies of his Instructor's certificates from the training institution he claims membership. Also check if the instructor is still active in the field or have they "retired" from testing.


Welcor TVC is only affiliated with International Associations to maintain the highest possible standards.

WELCOR TVC withdrew from SAPAVSA in 2010.




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About Our Training


Training Solutions.

We offer training in the following Truth Verification methods..

Welcor TVC is now the official agent of Expertos VSA and obtained the sole rights to distribute the Expertos FVAS training course and Software in Africa and Australia. 

FVAS Version 6 .is now available to all registered users.



Please note you need to enter and pay the full course fee 30-days prior to the commencement of the course.

Should the course not be hosted for any reason, you can either change the date/venue or a full refund can be requested.
Refunds will be made promptly via EFT into the depositor’s account only.


Next SCAN Course . . . . . . . . . Contact our Office for the next SCAN course dates.


Voice Stress Analysis (FVAS Version 5/6) course*:                                           Duration: 6 Days

VSA Training Course certified by International Society of Stress Analyst (ISSA), APAVSA – American Polygraph & Voice Stress Association (USA), APAVSA - African Polygraph & Voice Stress Association (RSA), ILETSB (USA)

* Some of our better known organizations that we trained and are making use of this software:

  • SARS (South African Revenue Services)
  • SAPS (South African Police Service)
  • Tshwane Metro Police


  • International Corporate Companies
  • National Corporate Companies
  • Security Companies
  • Security Investigators
  • Private Investigators
  • Ex-Police Detectives
  • Hotel Groups
  • Wild life (Anti-Pouching)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Investigators

Detection of Deception (DOD) Course:                                                                   Duration: One week

Kinesics (Body Language) 
SCAN INTRO (Statement contend analysis) 
Micro Expressions
Facial Profiling
Basic Interrogation Techniques
FVAS (Narrative Analysis)

Advance Interviewing and Interrogation techniques:                                        Duration: 3 days

Different approaches to Interview and Interrogate people as tried and tested by world class investigators with international experience.

Kinesics’  (Body Language) 
Intro:                                                                                                                               Duration: 3 days
Basic:                                                                                                                               Duration: 5 days    
Advance:                                                                                                                         Duration: 2 weeks

Forensic Recruitment:                                                                                                Duration: 3 days

Detailed Question Interview.
Trust-Risk Index Report.
Criminal check via finger prints
Personality Profiler.
Facial Profiling
Background Verification.
VSA Screening on relevant questions to your Business.

SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis)

Full SCAN course                                                                                                              Duration: 3 days

Presenter: Avinoam Sapir (Israel & USA)



April 2016 FVAS Course

.Class 2




SCAN Course May 2016

SCAN Group Chris, Avinoam, Rika

.......................see our Facebook page for lots more course photos.


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